Youth development/Go-Ride Update – 17th November 2014

On 03.11.2014 Worcester St. John’s Cycling Club committee met with Nick Yarworth of British Cycling to discuss the club becoming a Go-Ride club thus enabling the club to provide coaching sessions for junior members. Go-Ride is British Cycling’s development programme for young people. The programme provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycle sport and provides a platform to improve bike handling skills. More information about Go-Ride can be found on the British Cycling website.

Go-Ride Logo

The session was productive and highlighted various positions that the club would need to create and fill to enable the club to work towards Go-Ride. First off the club would need to have a Welfare Officer. The role of the Welfare Officer is a fairly simple one, merely requiring the individual to direct any type of complaint to the relevant authorities/institution, for instance directing a complaint about bullying within the club to the club management/committee to deal with the complaint. Effectively this is an administration role that requires a minimum commitment from the individual. The position requires no previous experience and full training and support will be provided by British Cycling the only requirement is that the Welfare Officer cannot be a coach or related to a coach.

Secondly, and probably the key part of the venture, Worcester St. Johns will need to start providing coaching sessions for young members. The intention is for Worcester St. Johns to work closely with a local school to provide skill sessions for pupils and young members alike at a local facility (i.e. playground/car park) which, in the early days, we hope the school would be able to provide. Worcester St. Johns will require a coach, or coaches to run the skill sessions on a regular basis. How regular is really down to the coach. The more coaches available, the more regular the sessions can be held as there will be less time constraint required per coach.

There is of course training required to become a coach, how much is dependant on the level at which you wish to work to.

• Level 1 is aimed at teachers and parents who want to assist in coaching sessions. No prior cycling knowledge is required and the training is quite basic taking up relatively little time and will enable the individual to assist in coaching sessions accompanied by a level 2 coach.

• Level 2 is aimed at club level riders or people with a sound knowledge of the sport. Level 2 accreditation allows the individual to run a coaching session. The training for level 2 is more involved than level 1 with a 3 day course followed by approximately 10 weeks of “on the job” training followed by a final assessment.A level 2 coach can then go on to become discipline specific with further training, enabling them to work on a specific area of cycling i.e. Time Trial or Road Racing.No prior accreditation is required to train as a level 2 coach.

• Level 3 coaches are discipline specific and are able to teach more advanced techniques within their chosen discipline, the training for Level 3 is again more involved than that of levels 1 and 2, a level 2 qualification is required to attain level 3.

Coaching courses are held frequently all over the country, there are approximately 4 dates for next year that are to be held in the Midlands, the first of which is to be held in March. The cost per coach for the course is £450 for which help with funding can be obtained from various organisations.All candidates for any of the roles above would need to be CRB/DBS checked.To sum up, for Worcester St. Johns to obtain Go-Ride status and to be able to provide training and support for its members the club is required to comply with the following items;

• The club needs a welfare officer.

• The club will require a coach or coaches

• The club has to run regular coaching sessionsI would like to ask the membership if there is anyone amongst you that would be interested in any of the roles mentioned above.

If you are please contact myself or any other member of the committee who can forward you my details. I am keen to get this moving so that we can begin to offer training sessions in the spring of 2015.With that in mind and with a local coaching course date set for March I would ask those that are interested to move quickly so that we can get things in place as soon as possible.

If you would like any more information or an informal chat about what is required, what will be expected of each of the roles or any other related questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Matthew Millward


Worcester St. Johns Cycling Club.