WSJCC TTs 2021

The new WSJCC TTs 2021 season is about to get underway. The first TT is on the 6th April at Madge Hill. It is 5miles and the start time is 6:30pm. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we have decided again for this season to restrict club TTs  to club members and second claimers only.

All club members of whatever ability are welcome – you will be competing against yourself, unless you are contending for a cup. You do not need a specific TT bike to enter, so if you fancy giving it a go then please do. You will receive only encouragement from other members.

Obviously we need to be Covid-19 aware again this season and Rick Allen is our Covid-19 Officer. All riders will be issued with a number to use for the season. If you are able (it is easy enough) please pay £4 online into the club’s account before the night OR purchase a season ticket for £40 in advance. Money will be accepted on the night but online payment is preferable.

The season timetable, and information is on the website as are the routes with sign on, start off and finishing points. It is best to familiarise yourself with the route beforehand. If for any reason, such as roadworks, it is necessary to change courses I will post this, as soon as I am aware of the need, on Facebook. It is as well to check on Facebook, Sunday to Tuesday for unscheduled changes. In rare situations such as storms the event might be cancelled (it happened once last year), which will also be posted on Facebook.

Marshals. We always need Marshals, whose main function is to help with starts and finishes and to warn riders of traffic at junctions. It does not involve any interaction or interference with traffic and there is guidance available on the website and at the event if you would like to offer your help. Contenders for cups and medals must marshal at two events or provide someone to marshal for them. It makes organisation easier if I know who and how many marshals there are in advance of an event.

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