TT Calendar

TT Calendar

Tuesday Time Trial tickets. This year there will be an increase in TT season tickets from £40 to £50 and nightly tickets will go from £4 to £5. This is due to an increase in the subscription charged by the CTT (cycling time trials) with whom we are affiliated. Their levy will increase from £3 per rider to £4 per rider per event. This is to cover costs incurred due to COVID-19. We have changed your membership card to reflect this. If, due to the fluid circumstances imposed by COVID-19, there are more changes we will keep you informed. Yours Peter Cockcroft’s

Most Tuesdays from April to September there are Worcester St Johns CC club time trials (distances of 5, 10, 15 , 20 or 25 miles) on a variety of local courses. The list of events is published each year and can be found below. The current fee is £5 to enter (free for under 16’s).

Minimum age is 12 years and anyone under 18 must get a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Riders start at minute intervals and must not ride in the slipstream of another rider unless they have signed on as a 2-man team. Results are shown on the club Facebook page and website shortly after the event.

The Worcester St Johns Cycling Club race calendar for 2020 is shown below.

If you buy a season ticket (£50) you can enter all events free. Entry fee is £5 (Free for under 16’s)

All events count towards the season long club league and road bike league.

Club TT medal times can be gained by club members at any club event.

Points for the season long league, medals for standard times and trophies will only be awarded to riders who volunteer to help for TWO club TT events during the season

Want to try a club time trial and not sure what to do? Have a look at this information sheet –

Introduction to WSJCC Club Time Trials

You can also download the club time trial calendar in the spreadsheet and pdf file formats from the links below.

2021 WSJCC TT-Timetable