TT Calendar

TT Calendar

Tuesday Time Trials

The club runs Time Trials most Tuesday evenings from April to September, on a variety of local courses. Distances vary between 5 and 25 miles, with 10 miles being the most frequent. The timetable for these events can be found below. The current fee is £4 for club members (£40 for a season ticket) and £5 for riders from other clubs. Under 16’s ride free. The minimum age is 12 years and anyone under 18 must have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.

The courses can be subject to change, mainly due to roadworks, which sometimes cause changes on the day. Interested riders will find confirmation of the timetabled course, or change to the alternative course, on Facebook and the website.

All events count towards the season long club league and road bike league.

The events are organised and officiated by club volunteers and we welcome people who would like to be standing marshals, whose main purpose is to provide a yellow jacketed presence to make drivers aware that something out of the ordinary run of things is happening.

Want to try a club time trial and not sure what to do? Have a look at this information sheet –

Introduction to WSJCC Club Time Trials

Here is the 2024 TT Timetable. There have been a few changes that I have made following participation levels at particular events over the last two seasons: the number of 5 milers has been reduced, as has the number of Bransford Hillys and the 25 miler. The number of Interclub events on Severn Stoke has increased.
For any newbies who are considering giving the TTs a go this season, I believe Nick Yaworth, an experienced rider, will be giving an introductory TT ride a week or so before the first event. I’m sure he will post this on Facebook.
I’m not 100% decided but I think this season numbers will be allocated and returned weekly🤷‍♂️
As ever, if you are interested and able to Marshal then let me know when you can do it, and I will put you on the calendar.
Here’s hoping for a good season👍

You can also download the full club time trial calendar in pdf format from the link below. (A simplified version will be visible on mobile devices).

2024 WSJCC TT-Timetable

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