Worcester St Johns Cycling Club Time Trials have been running for over 100 years. To keep the events running smoothly, safely and enjoyably every rider must agree to follow this code of conduct before they race.

Each rider will endeavour to:
1. Use a safe and well maintained bicycle
2. Wear bright and visible clothing
3. Pay the entry fee with £1/£2 coins or notes, NOT small change
4. Cycle to events, or if driving, park well off the road and TT course
5. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time to sign on
6. Answer the call of nature well out of sight of riders, the public and all buildings
7. Keep the road clear at the start and finish
8. Warm up off the TT course so as not to distract competitors or race officials
9. Abide by the Highway Code and Cycling Time Trial rules
10. Take care at all junctions (Marshals only show which direction to go in)
11. Call out a warning when approaching horse riders
12. Take great care in narrow county lanes used by tractors, horse boxes, dog walkers, other cyclists, horses, etc.
13. Never act in a way to bring the club or cycling into disrepute
14. Shout out your race number at the finish
15. Don’t distract the timekeepers while other riders are finishing
16. Return race numbers to the box in correct order
17. Take all litter home
18. Bring lights if riding home in the dusk
19. Worcester St Johns CC members are expected to offer their services to help in a club organised event at least twice a year
20. Enjoy the race, thank the helpers and try to ride faster next time!