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Ollie Morgan 8th in National Hill Climb Championships

IT WAS worth making the arduous journey up north for Worcester St John’s member Ollie Morgan who came 8th in his age group at the prestigious RTTC National Hill Climb  Championships.

Eighteen-year-old Ollie, a pupil at Pershore Sixth form,  came 8th in the Junior Championships with an excellent time of 4 minutes 36 seconds to take the win in the 18 years old category.

More than 200 competitors in all age categories converged on the event at Hedley on the Hill, Northumberland, on the 1.1 mile MH11 course. Closed roads thronged with spectators created a fantastic atmosphere. The timed effort was an average gradient of 7.5 per cent with the steepest sections reaching 20 per cent.

“It was a fantastic day and well worth the effort,” said Ollie who has been a member of Worcester St John’s Cycling Club for three years and has had a succesful summer of racing. He is also supported by Pershore-based Echelon Cycles.

“It was particularly encouraging to have the support of several club  members who drove all the way up to offer me support which I needed on the really tough section,”  said Ollie.

“As a result of my win I have been invited to the Cycling Time Trials Champions Award night which I am really chuiffed about,” he added.

The Junior winner was George Kimber of CS Dynamo based in East Devon.

The Men’s winner was professional cyclist Dan Evans of Assos-Equiupe UK. The women;s title was taken by Joscelin Lowden of Lewes Wanderers CC.

Ollie Morgan competing in the 2017 National Hill Climb Championship

Shelsley Walsh cycling hill climb 2017

The last Open event of this season; the Hill Climb and Cyclo-cross at Shelsley Walsh.

These events take place on the same day, Sunday 1st October, the Cyclo-cross starting at 10.00 the hill climb at 11.00.

Help is needed for both events on Saturday to prepare the courses and on Sunday for the racing and clearing up. Please contact Rick Allen, Dave Jennings or any committee member to offer you help.

These are great spectator days and we have all the usual facilities open, Stratstone restaurant etc. There is a small parking charge but the events are free to watch. Your members can enter the races online by going to the respective websites.

We look forward to seeing you.

Full event details can be found on the Shelsley Walsh Open Hill Climb event page.