Superb time trial run by the Redditch Road and Path Cycling Club

Fifteen riders from Worcester St John’s Cycle Club too part in a time trial run by the Redditch Road and Path on Saturday 6th May on the K33/10D course at Salford Priors.

110 entries took part in the event. The weather was dry but very windy and the first part was really fast but cyclists were forced to tackle strong winds on the road through Salford Priors. Many riders suffered below par times but the dual track had been resurfaced so that was a big plus.
Times for Worcester St John’s riders were as follows:-

Simon Garrett 22:15
Paul guest 22:53
Martin lines 22:58
Steven Clarke 23:16
Simon Adcook 23:42
Nicholas John Bradburn 24:18
James Davidson 24:20
Dave Walker 24:21
Mark Cooper 24:45
Mark Hand 25:09
Marcus Hibbert 25:21
Callum Hibbert 25:30
Jason Tait 25:51
Robert Kristoffer Harrison 26:17
Adrian Murray 26:54
Tim Ashton  21:16.

Special thanks to Steph Holmes and her team for a great afternoons sport.