Road Racing

Road Racing

Road races take place most weekends from April to September all over the UK. Worcester St John’s and other clubs such as VC Sevale, Wyre Forest CRC, Beacon RC, and Bromsgrove Olympique run races locally. You must join British Cycling and hold a racing licence to race. Your bicycle will be checked before a race to ensure it is safe to ride. Road races have ’mass starts’ i.e. up to 60–80 riders starting together. You must be over 16 to race on public roads. There are races on motor racing tracks and closed circuits that younger riders can enter.

Visit the West Midlands Road Racing website to find out more about the women’s road racing program as well as the men’s series. There are also good links for younger riders thinking of taking up racing.


The West Midlands road race calendar will expand again in 2024, with a total of 16 days of weekend road racing scheduled between mid-March and early September including two new races on the Sunday calendar, another new circuit in the English/Welsh border, and nine handicap races on Thursday evenings.
TheWSJCC Gerry Hughes Memorial Road race will this year be see RiderHQ website for entry details 

If you would like to meet up with Worcester St john’s road racers use the contact us email and we will get back in touch.

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