Himbleton 10 – K32/10 – CANCELLED

Tuesday 26th April Update - CANCELLED.

Monday 25th April @ 18:59
Latest and I hope final update. Due to roadworks on both Himbleton 10 and the alternative course which is the Hallow10 (we did this last week), I have no choice other than to cancel tomorrow’s time trial.
Monday 25th April @ 18:37
Latest update – I’ve just been notified that we can’t do the Bransford course tomorrow due to insurance. I am waiting to clarify this. Further update later.
Monday 25th April @ 18:15
There are roadworks on the Himbleton 10 course (they weren’t there the other day). I have checked ALL courses and the only one without roadworks is the BRANSFORD 14 mile course. Due to this tomorrow we will be riding the Bransford Course. Sign on will need to be prompt 5:30pm and the first rider will get away as earlier as possible.
There are roadworks and lights on all other courses so I’m not sure what will be available next week. Watch this space.

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