Young Riders - Courses for Leaders

Courses for Leaders

Young Riders Development – Training for Leaders, Coaches and Helpers

The Club has established a fund to support Members with training that helps develop our young riders cycling activities. Training options could include:

  • Coaching
  • Helping and running events and activities
  • First aid
  • Helping and Leading group rides, both on and off road
  • Safeguarding and child protection

British Cycling (BC) and Cycling UK (CUK) courses. Full details, dates and venues can be found at and 

How to apply for club funding

  1. Research and identify a course(s)
  2. Check whether any other external funding is available (British Cycling has a list – in particular women can apply for Breeze funding).
  3. E-mail [email protected]  with details and a sentence on how you will use the training.
  4. If approved, find a suitable date and venue, check any pre-course requirements eg use of computer, first aid, DBS check, then book on and pay.
  5. WSJCC will reimburse costs once you’ve used your training with the club.  This includes all aspects of assisting, organising and running our young riders activities.

Example Courses:

First Aid

Lookoutforthe Club  one day first aid course for Members which is arranged once a year. As some cycling courses require first aid certification before you enrol you may need to find a local course.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

The Government’s DBS aims to help prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

WSJCC is developing a policy on DBS checking. If you would like to have a check British Cycling can do this. The cost is currently £6 Which will be reimbursed by the club once. This link takes you into a BC questionnaire to see if you need a DBS check, and then onto the check process itself

Many British Cycling courses have this as a pre-enrolment requirement.

Child Protection in Sport and Leisure

If you would like to learn more about Child Protection this on-line course is a good starter. It covers child development, identifying potential abuse and approaches to protection. There is an on-line assessment at the end of the course.

This module can be done through BC for £15 as long as you are a BC member (or affiliated). E-mail [email protected] to enquire.

Some of the BC courses include this module.


british cycling’s brand new ‘Introduction to Coaching’ (Activity Coach) is the starting point for all aspiring Activity helpers leaders coaches. and check out the British cyclist website at head for Learning to find out more and to find out upcoming course dates.





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