Constitution & Rules

Constitution & Rules

  1. Name: The club shall be called Worcester St John’s Cycling Club
  2. Purpose: The club is a non-profit-making organisation whose purpose is to promote the sport of cycling in and around the Worcester area and to encourage community participation in competitive, leisure and utility cycling.
  3. Standards: The club is committed to encouraging the highest ethical standards. All club members should conduct themselves honestly, openly, fairly and with respect for all other people.
  4. Colours: The colours of the club shall be sky blue, red, black and white.
  5. Affiliations: The club may be affiliated to any national cycling or other related organisation as determined by the committee. For example: British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, Cycling UK, Audax UK, YHA and Sustrans.
  6. Membership: Membership is open to anyone interested in cycling, regardless of their gender, age, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and political or other beliefs.

Application for membership, on the official form (on-line), should be sent to the club Membership Secretary, with the annual membership fee. Membership starts from the date of application; applicants may take part in any club activity. The club committee may only refuse membership, or remove it, for reasons such as conduct or character likely to bring the club or sport into disrepute. If membership is refused the subscription will be returned.

The annual subscription and membership categories shall be determined at the AGM. It shall be paid upon joining the club and is due for renewal on January 1st. Members who have not paid by March 1st will be deemed to have resigned from membership. Such members, on re-applying, shall pay the new member’s fee. The subscription of members joining after October 31st shall be valid for the following year.

All members joining the club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution, Club Policies and Guidelines.

All members are expected to contribute to the running of the club. This may take the form of volunteering to run an event, assisting at events, e.g. marshalling, standing for an official post, or by any other means they are able to offer.

Any member resigning from the club for any reason must return any club property in their possession to a committee member.

  1. Officials: Club officials shall be elected annually by club members at the Annual General Meeting. There shall be no bar to re-election.
  2. Management: The club shall be managed by a committee comprising as a minimum: Secretary, Treasurer and three other officials. The Committee consists of all elected officials and any unelected member wishing to help run the club. Any member may participate in club meetings and Committee proceedings. To be eligible to vote at these meetings, a member must have attended two previous meetings.
    The committee may have additional officials to run club activities, for example:

♣ Chairperson ♣ Handicapper
♣ Time Trial Secretary ♣ Website Manager
♣ Road Race Organiser ♣ Reliability Ride Organiser
♣ Membership Secretary ♣ Welfare Officer
♣ Social Organiser ♣ Chief Marshall
♣ Publicity Officer ♣ Sportive Organiser
♣ Newsletter Editor ♣ Cyclo-cross Organiser
♣ Timekeeper ♣ Trophy Organiser
Additional committee members may be co-opted as required.
A quorum at committee meetings shall be five.

  1. Duties of the Committee: To transact all business of the club; to interpret its Constitution and Policies; to regulate expenditure; and to decide any question not provided for in the Constitution, Policies and Guidelines. If a committee member resigns, the committee has the authority to appoint a replacement. The committee may, at its discretion, call an Extraordinary General Meeting to deal with matters it does not feel competent to resolve.
  2. Annual General Meeting: An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held as soon after October 1st as practicable, the date and venue to be determined by the Secretary, in consultation with the committee. The agenda shall be circulated to all members two weeks before the meeting. The business of the meeting shall include:
  • Approving the minutes of the previous year’s AGM.
    • Hearing reports from officials as required
    • Approving the Treasurer’s and Account Checkers’ reports and the Annual Accounts.
    • Election of officials.
    • Election of two Account Checkers.
    • Determining the annual membership categories and subscriptions.
    • Considering proposals and changes to the Constitution and Rules.
    • Any other business.

Proposals for consideration at the AGM should be presented at least one month before the meeting. Proposals may be accepted during general meetings if agreed by a majority vote. Each proposal must be seconded by a club member. Voting on such proposals will be decided on a simple majority except where a change of Constitution of the club are involved.
Only club members may vote at committee and general meetings.

  1. Changes to the Club Constitution: Changes to the club Constitution may only be made either at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), specially convened; changes to the club Constitution and Rules may only be made with the agreement of two thirds of those voting.
  2. Extraordinary General Meeting: An Extraordinary General Meeting of members shall be convened by the Secretary when requested by an application in writing supported by the signatures of at least 10% of the membership. An Extraordinary General Meeting may also be called by the club committee, or with the agreement of the majority of members at the AGM.
  3. Duties and Responsibilities of Officials:

Duties and responsibilities of all officials are at the discretion of the post holder, the committee should ensure that all important tasks are completed by members of the committee. The following are guidelines:

Secretary: Deals with matters arising from committee and other meetings, including recording the minutes of meetings, dealing with general correspondence and issuing club notices. The Secretary should also be responsible for ensuring that insurance cover on the club trophies is kept up to date.

Treasurer: Receives all payments to the club, deposits all payments in an account held in the name of the club, makes payments as required by the committee, maintains a record of club finances and prepares an annual statement of accounts, a copy of which is checked and presented to the AGM for adoption.
All cheques drawn against the club’s funds shall be signed by two nominated club officials.

All members of the club aged over 18 are jointly and severally responsible for the financial liabilities of the club.

Time Trial Secretary: Promotes club time trials, manages the event accounts, arranges for timekeepers, marshals and helpers, sends police notification forms for each event, and keeps a record of club courses, times and prize winners.

Road Race Organiser: Promotes club road races, manages event accounts, arranges for commissaires, timekeepers, First Aid provision, marshals and helpers, liaises with the police and cycling associations, and keeps a record of race results.

Membership Secretary: Encourages recruitment, deals with applications for membership and helps members to take part in club activities.

Chairperson: Chairs meetings of the club, including the AGM, sets the agenda for meetings in consultation with the Secretary, and decides points of order and priority of speakers. The decisions made from the chair are final. The Chairperson shall not vote unless required to make a casting vote. A deputy may be appointed at any meeting that the Chairperson is unable to attend, by agreement of the majority in attendance.

Social Event Organiser: Organises club social activities including the annual dinner.

Publicity Officer: Sends reports of club activities to the press, to promote the interests of the club and of cycling in general.

Newsletter Editor: Edits and publishes the club newsletter.

Timekeeper: Measures and records the times at club time trials.

Website Manager: Edits and publishes the website pages.

Trophy Organiser: Manages the collecting and engraving of trophies and medals.

All officials may be required to give a report to the AGM.

  1. Disciplinary Matters: Any club member behaving in a manner likely to bring disrepute to the name of the club or cycling may be disciplined by the committee. He or she has the right to attend the disciplinary meeting at which the case is considered, having been informed of the disciplinary charge and given at least seven days notice of the meeting.
    The club member may bring another club member with them to the disciplinary hearing.

Members required to resign from the club as a result of a disciplinary hearing shall be informed of the decision of the committee and shall have the right to appeal to an EGM of the club. Notice of appeal must be submitted in writing to the Secretary, no more than seven days from the date of notification of expulsion.

  1. Dissolution: The club is a non-profit-making organisation. All profits and surpluses will be used to maintain, improve or develop the club’s activities or to carry out the objectives of the Associations to which it is affiliated. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit making body on a winding-up or dissolution of the club.

If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the club, there remains, after the payment of all its debts and liabilities, any property or funds, the property and funds shall be transferred to some other organisation or organisations with similar objectives to the club.

The organisation or organisations to benefit shall be chosen by the members of the club by resolution passed at a General Meeting. In the absence of such a resolution the property and funds shall be passed to an Association or Associations to which the club is affiliated. The Association or Associations shall be chosen by the committee.

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