Committee & Insurance

ChairmanPeter Cockcroft
SecretaryTerry Nolan 
TreasurerMartin Staines 
Accounts checkerJan Basford
Club Time Trial OrganiserPeter Cockcroft
Club TT HandicapperMartin Staines
Club TT ResultsMartin Staines
Open TT OrganiserTerry Shough
Road Race Organisers Race 1 LVRCVince Page
Road Race Organisers Race 2 TLIAndrea Turner
Annual Dinner OrganiserCarol Thatcher
Membership SecretaryDave Walker
Press SecretarySara Pryce
Off Road OrganiserTristan Lewis
Youth DevelopmentPaul Sobczyk
Website ManagerDaz Godfrey
Reliability Trial OrganiserAndrea Turner
First AiderPaul Fulbrook
Jumble OrganiserNic England
Criterium OrganiserClinton Haywood
Trophy and Medal OrganiserAndrea Turner
Club Kit OrganiserKieran Holdstock
Welfare OfficerPaul Fulbrook
Cyclo-Cross OrganiserClinton Haywood 
Deputy Cyclo-Cross  OrganiserTerry Nolan
Social SecretaryGordon Chamberlain, Gez Hoare & Terry Nolan

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings usually take place every other month at 7 p.m. on a Thursday night at Worcester Motor Cycle Club. All club members are welcome to attend and contribute their thoughts or assistance.

Worcester Motor Cycle Club is located at Tower Buildings, Perdiswell Park Golf Course, Worcester WR3 7NW.

You can also find the location on Google Maps and a map is also shown below.

Event Organising

The club always welcomes anyone who wishes to organise an event, whether it be one of the traditional events or something new. There are usually people in the club who can help, give advice, or point you in the right direction. If you think the club should be doing something different let the committee know what you would like to organise.

There are normally sufficient funds available to underwrite or subsidise events that may make a loss. Organisers are encouraged to manage the finances of an event themselves and present the club with the profit or request a payment if a loss has been made. Assistance with large outlays before the event is normally approved by the committee.


British Cycling gives our club Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000 which insures the club and officials of the club against actions taken by non-members. It also covers individuals who have been invited to participate in club activities with a view to joining the club. Individual members are covered during BC registered events by their individual membership of BC or ‘day licence’.

Cycling Time Trials affiliation provide £10,000,000 indemnity insurance for event secretaries, timekeepers, marshals, observers, and volunteer helpers on time trial events. It also insures riders against third-party claims during CTT registered events.

Cycling UK Affiliation covers our non-competitive ride organisers for claims by third parties. Details can be found at

Most Home Insurance Policies contain Personal Liability Insurance and some of these include riding a bicycle, often with exclusions for racing.

Check your home insurance policy before spending money on separate third-party cycling insurance.

Individual club members are NOT insured whilst participating in races unless they hold individual British Cycling (silver or gold),  or other cycle organisation membership that includes racing third-party insurance.

There is no legal requirement for cyclists to have insurance, and if you ride sensibly there is no reason for you to need third-party liability insurance. However, if you cause an accident and injure a fellow club member or damage his bicycle you are personally liable unless you have insurance.

These notes are just for guidance, for full details read the CTT, Cycling UK or British Cycling handbooks or legal and insurance benefits leaflets.

The cheapest and the best third-party insurance for club rides, social rides and normal day to day riding can be obtained from Cycling UK and using the Worcester St Johns CC affiliated club code 90169273 see link below

Join Cycling UK as WSJCC affiliate member

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