Coming out of Lockdown

As from the 29th March restrictions are being lifted. Cycling Uk is advising

“to restrict group rides to a maximum of 15 people, however currently we are advising that this should be treated as an absolute maximum for group rides not a target number”

The committee at its last meeting decided that to keep riders safer in “self-distancing” groups we would restrict numbers to avoid an excessively long train of riders. The actual number is open to the discretion of the group leader, though in general it was thought 6 – 8 was a good number to aim at. If a large number of riders turn up then the ride leaders will organise into smaller groupings.

It would be helpful to ride leaders if those wanting to ride indicate this by clicking “going.”

For official club activities like Young Riders and TTs, larger groups are allowed under the organised sports exemptions.

Track and Trace.

To keep a list of who is riding could ride leaders make sure you know the names of the people on your ride and that you have, or can find out say through Dave Walker, their contact details.
If Ride Leaders don’t know a person’s name could you please ask. A suggestion is to take a photo of the group as the easiest way of recording everyone on the ride. You could rely on Facebook ‘ticks’ or memory if its a small number.
For TT’s and kids rides we have sign on lists or booking systems.

Could all rides be restricted to club members until the situation changes.

We will continue to update you as the situation changes.

Peter Cockcroft

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