Club Turbo

Club Turbo

WSJCC turbo training started in October 2018 at 7pm at the University of Worcester and is run by Mark Corbett – and runs for 8 weeks leading up to Christmas.

The cost will £30 for the block of 8 sessions or £5 on the night.

There are several club turbo trainers available to borrow, contact Mark Corbett to book.

To sign-up email [email protected]

More Information:

Turbo training is a great way of keeping legs turning and lungs working over the winter months whilst improving technique, endurance, strength and lactate tolerance before the start of the race season.

Sessions last 60 – 75 minutes and typically comprise of a 15-minute warmup, some drills and technique work, two main sets of specific efforts and a cool-down. These are not spinning sessions but a progressive programme aimed at time trials and road racing with a Sufferfest video every couple of months.  

The MPC lab in the Thomas Telford building is a roomy, air-conditioned hall perfect for this sort of training. Showers are available in the nearby sports hall.
From the car park outside bikes and kit can be unloaded and brought in through 
the large fire doors at the rear of the building. Note that there is now a £1 charge for parking at the University.  Location details can be found at

Suggested kit list:

  • Bike – in clean condition
  • Turbo trainer
  • Riser block for front wheel
  • Shorts, shoes, top
  • Fan to keep cool
  • Drink’s bottle (water available)
  • Heart rate monitor (extremely useful but not essential)
  • A couple of towels to catch sweat – one for you, one to cover the bike

A turbo-specific rear tyre is recommended if possible, it will grip better and save tearing up a soft road tyre.

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