WSJCC Club Time Trial Results – Castlemorton 15 – 01 May 2018

It was yet another wet and windy Tuesday for the weekly TT on May 1 which took place on the 15 mile K47/15 course at Castlemorton – although the rain did pass in time for the start.

It proved to be another fast evening with seven gold, seven silver and four bronze medal qualifying rides.

Simon Garrett was fastest of the night averaging 26.7 mph to post the winning time of 33 minutes 41 seconds

Mark Daffin and Jez Pile joint second with 34 minutes 37 seconds.

“It was great to see several new faces and riders from the local Triathlon clubs with Chris Grubb from Malvern Tri finishing in 39 minutes 44 seconds and Ruth Johnstone from Tewkesbury Tri finishing in 42 minutes 7 seconds,” said Dan.

Thanks again to the helpers and marshals – Dave Jennings, Andrea Turner, Clinton Haywood, Nobby Clarke, Gordon Chamberlain and Derek Morgan.

Helpers needed for next week at Kinnersely Stoke for the 20 mile TT – Please reply or PM me if you get help. REMEMBER, for those medal rides to count you need to have helped out at some point during the season. Thanks in advance.

Full results from the event can be found on the time trial results page.