Club Trophies

Club Trophies

Presidents Cup 1888

Senior BAR – The oldest, and perhaps the most handsome of the clubs trophies, is the President’s Cup, presented to the club in 1888 by the first president, George Williams.
As with several of the trophies, the conditions of award have varied over the years, but this cup has always been the club’s premier award, for the club champion. (Lowest time over 100, 50 and 25 mile open time trials)

Windsor Challenge Shield 1892

Open “100” – The Windsor Challenge shield was won outright by a Worcester St John’s C C team at the Redditch & District C C sports in 1892/93, It was awarded to the winner of the Three Counties standard ride in 1923 and for the one hundred miles standard ride since 1924.

Now awarded for the best open 100 time trial time.

James Challenge Cup 1923

The James Cup is awarded for the fastest handicapped ride in the last club “10” of the season. The rules of the competition state that only riders who have not previously won another trophy during this current season are eligible to compete for the cup.
The James Cup was presented by Whiteman Bros., trade agents for the James Cycle Works, in 1923.
The Fildes Cup, which is puzzlingly also engraved with the title “James Cup”, was presented to the club in 1953 by the daughter of C H Fildes, who won the James Cup in 1926, 1929, 1935 and 1943.
We imagine that the Fildes Cup was awarded to C H Fildes in recognition of his first three wins so that the original James Cup could stay in the club as a permanent award.

Ethyl Byrd Cup 1926

Ethel Byrd Cup is awarded for the fastest handicapped “20”.
The Ethel Byrd Cup was presented in 1926 by Mr B W Byrd, of the Anchor Inn, Wyre. The race is usually held in June and it was an original condition that the race should pass the door of the Anchor Inn. When the use of “dead turns” in time trials was decreed to be unsafe the condition lapsed as there was no suitable way to run the event past the Inn.

Dickenson Cup 1938

The Dickenson Cup was presented to the club by Mrs E R Dickenson, the niece of the first president, George Williams, in 1938 to commemorate the club’s golden jubilee.
The Dickenson Cup was originally awarded to the Handicap Champion for the best aggregate time in the four counting events, 2*25, 1*30, 1*50 mile timetrials. In addition to the Cup there was a cash prize of 10/0d (50p) for 1st, 7/6d for 2nd and 5/0d 3rd placed riders in each event. 10/0d is equal to about £100 in 2004.
The Dickenson Cup is now awarded for the Junior BAR, best aggregate time over a range of distances on club time trials. (usually 2 x 10, 1 x 20 and 1 x 25)

Beauchamp Cup 1938

Presented by Earl Beauchamp K.G. Originally for the runner up in the club championship, then the junior champion, then the lowest aggregate handicap over championship distance. Now won by the veteran rider (over 40) with the BAR (Best All Round) 25, 50, 100 mile TT results.

Brittlebank Cup 1939

Awarded to the fastest club rider on Ankerdine Hill Climb in September

Badgery Bowl 1953

The superb Badgery Bowl, commemorates T W Badgery, a founder member of the club, and was purchased from money left to the Worcester St John’s CC in his will.
The Bowl was awarded for a tourist trophy event. The winner in one year organised the event for the following year. Points were awarded for correct, or best, answer to questions posed on a varied course around the lanes and byways of Worcestershire.

Now used for the most points accumulated over the best 15 club time trial events riding a road bike (defined as drop bars,12+spokes, no aero bars/helmets or skin suits )

Frost Cup 1953

The fine Frost Cup was presented in 1953 by a Worcester cycle dealer. It was originally awarded for the Ladies’ Championship, though unfortunately, at a time when there were no competing lady members.
The cup was redesignated and it is now given to the rider with the fastest open “50” time of the season.

Fildes Cup 1953

The Fildes Cup was originally the property of Mr C H Fildes. It was presented to the club by his daughter.
It is confusingly engraved “The James Cup”. The James Challenge Cup, presented in 1923 to the club by Whiteman Bros. on behalf of the James Cycle Company Ltd. was won by C H Fildes in 1926,1929,1935 and 1943. These dates are engraved on the Fildes Cup, which we presume was given him by the club to commemorate the four wins and to keep the James Cup as a perpetual trophy.

Now awarded to the club member completing the greatest distance in a 12 hour time trial

The Harvey Cup 1955

The Harvey Cup came from the Worcester & District CC when that club was wound up in the early 1950’s.
The Worcester & District CC was a mixed social cycling club founded in 1934. It was very popular with some members of the all-male St John’s club, which did not admit lady members until 1944.
The Harvey Cup is awarded for the highest number of points gained in club time trials during the season.

Chesterfield Ladies Cup 1955

The Chesterfield Ladies Cup is one of two cups originally belonging to the Worcester & District C C who presented them for attendance at club runs, they date from the 1930s, the first inscription on the Ladies Cup is dated 1939.
In 1955 this cup was given to the Worcester St Johns CC.  Since 1983 the cup has been awarded for the Ladies BAR (3 x open time trial points)

Chesterfield Junior Cup 1955

The Chesterfield Junior Cup is one of two cups originally belonging to the Worcester & District C C who presented them for attendance at club runs, they date from the 1930s. In 1955 they were given to the Worcester St Johns CC.
The Junior Cup is awarded to the Junior rider who gains the greatest number of points in Club time trials.

News & Times Cup 1958

The “News and Times ” cup was presented by the local “Evening News” paper in 1958. It has always been awarded for the club open road race run in August each year.
In the early days the race started outside the offices of the Evening News in Hylton Road Worcester, took in four circuits of the Bromyard Downs and four climbs of Ankerdine Hill before returning to Worcester to finish in Hylton Road.

Ernie Payne Plaque 1961

Juvenile (U16) Championship is marked by the award of a handsome shield.
Ernie Payne joined the club in 1903 and was Olympic Champion in 1908. After his death in 1961 his widow donated a sum of money to pay for the plaque.

Brittlebank Bowl 1962

The Brittlebank Bowl was presented to the club in 1962 by Mrs L Brittlebank in memory of her husband, a member for over seventy years.  The Cup is awarded for the fastest handicapped result in the club 25 mile time trial.

Farmer Challenge Cup 1962

The Farmer Challenge Cup is presented for the fastest club “25” mile time trial. The cup was presented by Mr A T Farmer and family in 1962.  W J Farmer joined the club in 1928 and was club champion from 1930 to 1933, he remained a member until his death in 1990. D Farmer, Joe’s nephew, was the club champion from 1950 to 53.

Cattlow Trophy 1966

The Cattlow Trophy was originally awarded in the Buxton Spring Road Race for the King of the Mountains. It was passed on to the club by Norman Shelmerdine.  Jim Harber, son of the last club President, won the cup in 1966, 67, and 68.

Now awarded to the club rider who amasses the most road race points

U16 (Schoolboys) Shield 1970

The shield is awarded for the U16 BAR based on the three best performances in a season over 10 miles. Younger riders are encouraged to race by the ‘Juvenile’ or Schoolboy’s Championship trophy, presented to the club by Bob Short and Ray Doodey in 1970. The winner used to be given a small shield as a permanent souvenir, called the Ernest Payne plaque named after the 1908 Olympic Champion who’s widow donated a sum of money each year to pay for the plaque.

Cyclocross Trophy 1971

It is awarded to the rider with the most points accumulated in the West Midland Cyclocross League during the previous season. The original trophy was just a bottle cage on a plinth and was replaced in 2019 by the ‘Dave Jennnings Cyclocross Trophy’.

Underwood Cup 1972

The Len Underwood Cup was presented for the fastest ride in the club 30 mile time trial. It was first awarded in 1972. Now awarded for the fastest in a designated 25 mile club time trial.

Dinley Cup 1972

John Dinley was a founder member of the club in 1888. He later took up bowls at Cripplegate Park where he won this cup. John’s son Ted died in 1971 and John’s grandson Mike Dinley (then a WSJCC club member) donated the cup to the club. The cup is presented for the fastest ride in the “James Cup” 10 mile time trial. It was first awarded in 1972.

Heron Shield 1974

Maurice Heron was club champion in 1971 & 72.
Fast pedalling is needed to win the Heron Shield. Riders are restricted to a maximum gear of 66 inches, and race over a 20 mile course which includes two significant descents requiring peddling speeds in excess of 150rpm.

F Wilkes Cup 1976

The F Wilkes Cup was purchased with money from a legacy in 1976. It is awarded to the member who rides the fastest open 25 mile Time Trial.

Fagan Cup 1985

The Fagan Cup, was presented to the club by Mr and Mrs A Fagan. Their son, Ian, was a very fine rider in the 1970s and 80s, enjoying several successful seasons as a professional. Ian has recently returned to racing, now a veteran he is as successful as when he was a junior.
The Fagan Cup is the clubs Ladies’ Road Race trophy, awarded for the greatest number of raod race points accumulated in a season.

Charlie Grieg Trophy 1989

At the time of the St John’s centenary, the club was presented with the Charlie Grieg memorial trophy for the winner of the Worcester St Johns CC open time trial by his brother, Bill. Charlie was club champion in 1935 & 36, while Bill was champion in 1941. The trophy was first presented in 1989.

D & G Hughes Cup 1991

In 1991 Dorothy and Gerry Hughes presented this cup for the Leigh circuit time-trial. This popular event is also one of the hardest. It is run over a 14 mile course to the west of Worcester and is very hilly. The idea for the event came from Sam Barden to give the better climbers in the club a real challenge.

Kinnersley Cup 1992

Anna and Bill Hooper gave the Kinnersley Cup to the club in memory of their son, Alistair. A club member of great courage and ability Alistair Hooper was killed in a cycling accident in Kempsey in March 1992.
The family lived in Kinnersley close to the start of one of the club time-trial courses. It seemed appropriate to remember Alistair in this way as he won the inaugural event on the course.
Alistair lost the use of an arm in a motor-cycle accident but despite having to ride with one hand attached to the handle-bars of his bike with velcro, he was an outstanding cyclist. He won sixteen club events in 1991 and his was the first name inscribed on the D & G Hughes trophy with a winning time of 35.53.

Freewheel Trophy 1997

In the 50’s and 60’s down-hilling was popular with some club riders who would strip their bikes, replace grease with oil to try to travel the greatest distance without pedalling after descending a large hill.
The freewheel event was resurrected in 1997 starting at the top of British Camp heading in the direction of Ledbury. After the same rider won the event three times members lost interest and there have been no competition for the several years.

Ladies Points Trophy 2002

This wooden bowl, turned was by Mike Dinley (Grandson of founder member John Dinley) and donated to the club in 2002. It was awarded for the first time in 2003 to Sarah Emerson for gaining the greatest number of points in club time trials. Since it is not possible to inscribe the winner’s name on the trophy, the winner is also awarded a club gold medal as a permanent record of her achievement.

Bob Short Cup 2003

The Bob Short Cup was purchased by the Club in 2003 to commemorate his contribution to cycling.
Bob was not a great rider but was enormously enthusiastic. He was the club’s Membership Secretary for more than 20 years introducing many new riders to cycling. He continued to take an active role in the clubs activities until a few weeks before his death.

It is awarded to the rider with the fastest open 10 performance of the year

Fixed Wheel Trophy 2008

It is awarded to the rider with the best performance over a number of club events riding fixed wheel

Gerry Hughes Memorial Trophy 2009

It is awarded to the winner of Gerry Hughes memorial road race. Presented to Worcester St Johns Cycling Club by Dorothy Hughes in remembrance of her husband Gerald Hughes 1930 – 2008 who was instrumental in keeping the club going in the 1970’s, later chairman and Life Vice-president of the club.

Track Trophy 2009

Presented to the club rider with the most points in the Halesowen Friday night track league or most points gained in BC track events.

Sunnycam Cup 2014

This cup is held by the winner of the Shelsley Walsh Open hillclimb. Last held in 2018 – the event was cancelled in 2019.

The Alec Davies Trophy 2019

Alec Davies was one of the hardest working club members from the 1970’s through to 2018. The money he left to the club in his legacy was used to purchase this cup, presented to the member voted to have contributed the most to club life that year.

The Dave Jennings Junior Cyclocross Trophy 2019

Purchased using a donation from Dave’s widow, Wendy this trophy is awarded to the junior rider gaining the most points in the West Midlands cyclocross league in the season.

The Dave Jennings Cyclocross Trophy 2019

Purchased using a donation from Dave’s widow, Wendy this trophy is awarded to the rider gaining the most points in the West Midlands cyclocross league in the season. It replaces the 1971 trophy which just featured a bottle cage.

Click on the link below to download an Excel spreadsheet full list of trophies and who has won them in the years since 1888

Best Young Rider 2018

Awarded to the young rider who has improved the most and participated in the widest range of club activities. The trophy is new each year and is retained by the winner.

Mountain Biker 2022

Introduced to reflect the growing popularity within the Club of mountain biking, this Award is presented to the rider of any age for the best mountain bike performance of the year.

Young Rider Awards 2018

The Club recognises the progress of its young riders through a Bronze, Silver and Gold award certificate. Each standard combines technical abilities and riding experiences  and will take several seasons to complete.

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