Club Rides

Club Rides

The rides shown below are usually organised every week and are posted on the club Facebook Group page site and can also be found in the events section. Most rides unless otherwise stated start from outside the Premier Inn Worcester City Centre New Road WR2 4QQ adjacent to WCCC, please ensure arrive approx. 10 mins before the start time so you don’t keep others waiting. 

Please check the Facebook event before you attend or contact the ride leader as plans can change due to weather, road closure, other events etc.  When the club is organising a major event such as a road race, time-trial, hill-climb, or cyclo-cross regular rides will NOT run as all club members are expected to assist where they can.

Worcester St. John's CC Ride grade typical details

Club Rides - Typical weekly timetable 2024

Preparing for your ride

We welcome existing and new club members to all our rides and regulars will always try and pass on their knowledge and experience of riding to newcomers. If you are joining us on a ride, we recommend the following:

  • If you have a club jersey, do try to wear it.
  • Bike in good condition, do note most riders will use road bikes, we also welcome cyclocross, hybrids, mountain, and electric bikes on our rides (please look at the event details for any additional guidance on recommended bike type for the relevant grade).
  • (Full) Water bottles.
  • Food (banana, cereal bar etc.).
  • Pump and spare inner tube and puncture repair kit.
  • Money for the café.
  • Racing cape.
  • In winter (or wet weather) we expect riders to have full mudguards out of respect for other riders to protect them from spray – not having them will mean you have to ride at the back. Do note cafes may refuse entry to cyclists who are wet and dirty, and it is important we respect this.
  • The riders travel in formation (two-abreast), singling out, as necessary. Usually there will be an experienced rider who can help beginners to practice group riding skills to retain group formation. Do note on longer hills groups may split up.
  • Please let someone on the ride know when you arrive if it is your first club run.
  • All club rides are non-competitive and all riders who go on them should be familiar with the Club Group Riding Guidelines.
  • Full lights and reflective gear required as appropriate.
  • Safety & Wellbeing please inform the ride leader in advance of any relevant medical conditions that they may need to be aware of due to an emergency such as diabetic, asthmatic, recovering from surgery, recent medical procedures,   medical cards carried etc….

Worcester St John’s cycling Club E-bike policy

WSJCC encourages everybody to cycle, regardless of age or infirmity. E-bikes are a welcome addition to the cycling scene and used correctly can only be for the good of cycling.

The object of this policy is to create a framework understanding of how e-bikes may be used on WSJCC club rides. It will ensure that the nature of the ride is not adversely affected by e-bike use.

  • E-bikes should be used for health reasons (age or disability) E-bikes should not be used because of lack of fitness (Club members are encouraged to ride with a slower group until their fitness improves and they can ride with a faster group).
  • E-bikes shall comply with UK law when used on the road, that is 250W and the motor cuts out above 20kph (15.5 mph), they shall be pedal assist (No twist and go).
  • E-bike riders should check with the ride leader that they have sufficient range and physical ability to complete the ride at the pace of the group. They must be sufficiently independent to look after themselves if leaving the group during a ride.
  • When climbing hills e-bike riders should stay at the back of the group.

This policy is provisional and may be amended at any time by WSJCC committee.

Please note: all riders who attend a Worcester St John’s Cycling Club ride do so at their own risk.

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