Club Reliability Ride Sunday 29th January 2017

The WSJCC Reliability Ride will take place on Sunday 29/01/2017.

HQ for this event will be The Worcester Auto Club building at Perdiswell, Worcester. Venue available from 0900. There is some parking at the venue and toilets on site. However, there are no changing facilities.

As usual, a choice of two routes will be available. A 30 mile route and a 48 mile route.

Rides will commence at 0930 hrs following ‘sign on’, payment of the grand sum of £4 and a short safety brief.

Following payment for the use of the venue the remaining funds will be donated to the WSJCC chosen charity as nominated by the Club Committee.

Now for the ‘beg’…..if we have any proficient cake bakers out there who can assist in providing refreshment for weary riders following the completion of the ride (the weather for this ride is traditionally horrendous) your help would be very much appreciated.

Please FB message me if you can assist.

Simon Garrett