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WSJCC Club Time Trial Results – Kinnersley 20 – 08 May 2018

Twenty five riders entered tonights Kinnersley Stoke time trial, 20 miles on K46/20. Starting from the top of the hill on the A38 just south of Severn Stoke, taking in a lap of Earls Croome, Kinnersley, Kerswell Green, then south on the A38 to the first M50 roundabout before finally heading all the way back up the A38 through Severn Stoke to the finish in Clifton.

Simon Garrett was fastest averaging 26.9 mph to post 44 minutes and 38 seconds. Mark Daffin second with 46:21 and Jez Pile (Team Echelon) third with 46:33.

Another good night for medal qualifiying rides with five golds, eight silvers and five bronzes.

Thank you to all the helpers – Clinton Haywood, Paul Guest, Matt Broad, Jason Milner, Paul Fulbrook, Nobby Clarke, Gordon Chamberlain and Callum Hibbert.

Full results from the event can be found on the time trial results page.

WSJCC Club Time Trial Results – Castlemorton 15 – 01 May 2018

It was yet another wet and windy Tuesday for the weekly TT on May 1 which took place on the 15 mile K47/15 course at Castlemorton – although the rain did pass in time for the start.

It proved to be another fast evening with seven gold, seven silver and four bronze medal qualifying rides.

Simon Garrett was fastest of the night averaging 26.7 mph to post the winning time of 33 minutes 41 seconds

Mark Daffin and Jez Pile joint second with 34 minutes 37 seconds.

“It was great to see several new faces and riders from the local Triathlon clubs with Chris Grubb from Malvern Tri finishing in 39 minutes 44 seconds and Ruth Johnstone from Tewkesbury Tri finishing in 42 minutes 7 seconds,” said Dan.

Thanks again to the helpers and marshals – Dave Jennings, Andrea Turner, Clinton Haywood, Nobby Clarke, Gordon Chamberlain and Derek Morgan.

Helpers needed for next week at Kinnersely Stoke for the 20 mile TT – Please reply or PM me if you get help. REMEMBER, for those medal rides to count you need to have helped out at some point during the season. Thanks in advance.

Full results from the event can be found on the time trial results page.

WSJCC Club Time Trial Results – Severn Stoke – 28 April 2018

AN innovative plan to introduce a Saturday morning time trial proved popular – despite some gloomy weather conditions.

Worcester St John’s cycling club attracted 10 entrants for the debut event at Severn Stoke on K46/10 with Rikky Huges fasted in the wet conditions.

He posted a time of 26 minutes and 20 seconds. The next Saturday TT will take place on June 2 at Severn Stoke.

TT organsier Dan Grant said : “We were very pleased with the way things went on Saturday and encourage anyone who has not done one before to come along and have a go on Tuesday or Saturday. It is only £3 to enter. You can ride any bike and you don’t need all the aero kit. The full calendar is on the TT page of the club’s website,” he added.

Full results from the event can be found on the time trial results page.

WSJCC Club Time Trial Results – Heron Shield 2018

19 riders competed for the Heron Shield in a 10 mile time trial at Chance Lane with gears restricted to 66 inches, in wind and rain – clearly the worst weather conditions of the season so far.

Congratulations to Mark Daffin winning the first time trial silverware of the year by topping the time sheets with 24 minutes and 40 seconds.

The results sheet also has a couple of extra columns this week. The gap in seconds between the riders and average speed in miles per hour. The red and green arrows indicate if you were faster or slower than your average speed taken across the season so far.

Thanks to all the riders and helpers for braving the horrible conditions.


WSJCC Riders Excel in Prestigious Events

Riders from Worcester St John’s excelled in a series of prestigious cycling events at the weekend.

Simon Garrett set the scene by featuring in the top ten of the Stratford CC 10 on the K33/10 in just 20:48. Carl Dee, wearing the Worcester St John’s jersey, won the prestigious Echelon road race at Welland, with honorary member Marcus Walker winning his category. Seven Saints did especially well in the Little Mountain time trial at Shelsley Walsh.

Star of the day at the Stratford 10 went to Martin Stanley with a new personal best by 90 seconds coming in at 23:38. Simon Adcook came in on 22:05 which was 6 seconds short of a personal best and scraped into the top 20. Paul Guest, returning after a heavy bout of flu, achieved 22:35 despite his power being down by around 25w since his last race three weeks ago. Nic Bradburn, who was riding with gears this year, ended the contest with 24:01.

Second claim member Ollie Morgan, now riding for Team Echelon, smashed out a pb of 21:28

Fans were spoilt for choice on Sunday having to decide between the stunning backdrop of the hills for the Little Mountain time trial or the exhileration of the flat at Welland for the Echelon road race..

The Echelon road race consisted of three laps of the Welland circuit – a total of 49 miles.

WSJCC Riders at Welland Road Race 2018Jason Meyer won the AB race, but Worcester St John’s Ade Bird was 4th A category and Steve Lewis was 6th B category.

Fans were thrilled to see Carl Dee’s victory in the C/D race in a bunch sprint finish. Richard Graham was 7th Rob Nicholls 9th and Richard Rollason 10th.

Marcus Walker, honorary St John’s, broke away on lap two of the EFG race. He was joined by a second rider who he beat in the final sprint.


Seven St John’s cyclists took part in the Little Mountain time trial organised by Beacon Road Cycling Club.

Mark Corbett posted the best Worcester St John’s time with 1:40:04 and came 4th in the vets. Ed Dursley put in a time of 1:53:59, Dylan Perkins put in an excellent performance for a 16 year old.

New member Richard Allcock did a credible 1:54:41 on a road bike, Adrian Murray improved on last year’s time with 1:56:18 Justin Barnett did 2:07:59 and Dave Walker struggled up the hills to post 2:04:32.

WSJCC Mark Corbett - Little Mountain Time Trial 2018
WSJCC Mark Corbett – Little Mountain Time Trial 2018


WSJCC Ed Dursley - Little Mountain Time Trial 2018
WSJCC Ed Dursley – Little Mountain Time Trial 2018


WSJCC Justin Barnett - Little Mountain Time Trial 2018
WSJCC Justin Barnett – Little Mountain Time Trial 2018


WSJCC Dave Walker - Little Mountain Time Trial 2018
WSJCC Dave Walker – Little Mountain Time Trial 2018

Successful Weekend Racing for WSJCC Riders

Three members of Worcester St John’s Cycling Club put in good performances at the Welland Trophy Open Time Trial.
Club stalwart Mark Corbett came third in the event in 35:25; Simon Adcook was 13th with 38:41 and Dave Walker achieved 41:05.

Unfortunately 16 St John’s riders had chosen not to enter the event to keep themselves fresh for their own open time trial which was due to take place the next day in Inkberrow.

But organisers were forced to cancel the event due to ongoing roadworks on the course.

The weather was dull with a little breeze but better than forecast. 51 riders entered riding either for the LRVC or VTTA. The LRVC won it easily.

1st Richard Oakes – Team Jewson 35:18

2nd Tim Ashton – Royal Sutton 35:20

3rd Mark Corbett 35:25

4th Jon Simpkins – D2Z 35:28

5th Jon Howard – Echelon 35:47

WSJCC Club Time Trial – The Rhydd 5 Miles

Another great turn out, despite the weather, of 35 riders (aged 15 to 83) for the Worcester St John’s Cycle Club time trial at The Rhydd on Tuesday 3rd April.

As well as WSJCC riders several other clubs were represented Echelon, NJC-Biemme-Echelon, VC Sevale, Gannet CC including five newcomers testing themselves against the clock for the first time.

WSJCC Time Trial – Riders getting ready at the startThe cool and changeable weather conditions of the day, mixed with the earlier heavy rain led to increasing amounts of standing water on the roadside around the 6 mile course K47/5.5B. Flooding of the B4211 north of Hanley Castle meant a revised shortened course, bringing the distance down to just under 5 miles. Still more than enough for an early season time trial.

Simon Garrett (WSJCC) took the win with a time of 10 minutes 35 seconds, 19 seconds ahead of Martin Lines (WSJCC) and Jez Pile (Echelon) who both finished on 10 minutes 54 seconds.

Nikki Juniper (NJC-Biemme-Echelon) took the ladies top spot and 7th overall with 11 minutes 13 seconds

Harry Tait was fastest under 16 and 15th overall with 12 minutes and 47 seconds.

Full results sheet.

WSJCC TT - Flooding on the B4211
WSJCC Club Time – Flooding on the B4211







WSJCC TT - Riders getting ready at the start
WSJCC Time Trial – Riders getting ready at the start








WSJCC TT - Simon Garrett approached the line for the win
WSJCC Time Trial – Simon Garrett approaches the line for the win

Open Time Trial at Severn Stoke

The open time trial at Severn Stoke organised by Sevale on 24th March was the first time trial of 2018 for most riders.

“The weather was cool and dull and the wind wasn’t too bad,” explained Worcester St John’s rider Dave Walker..

“70 riders entered including 7 St John’s , among who was Paul Guest who posted the best time for us with 23:02 to earn 11th place.”

Simon Adcook was 13th at 23:23 which was excellent for a first event.

Dave Walker achieved 24:27 , Martin Stanley 25:08 and Adrian Murray 26:23. “

“It’s good to get the the first time trial under your belt,” said Dave.” We can now take stock and move on. The fastest time of the day went to Stuart Travis of Team Bottrill with an insane 19:36 which I think broke the course record.”

First Club Time Trials of 2018

A great turn out of 31 riders for the first Worcester St John’s Cycling Club Time Trial of the season, on the five mile course starting from the top of Madge Hill, near Severn Stoke.

Mark Corbett took the win with a time of 11 minutes 49 seconds with Ed Dursley and Rob Nicholls tied for second place with 12 minutes and 9 seconds.

Sam Clarke took the ladies top spot with 14 minutes and 13 seconds. Harry Tait was the fastest under 18 with 13 minutes and 6 seconds.

Full results sheet.

WSJCC Riders Battle Atrocious Weather in Debut Time Trials of 2018

TWO intrepid Worcester St John’s cyclists competed in atrocious weather conditions to bring home excellent results for the club in their debut TT of 2018.

Simon Garrett and Simon Adcook represented WSJ in the Sportzmad organised 10 mile time trial on the R10/17 in Monmouth. Simon Garrett finished 2nd overall and was 1st Vet male in 22.20.

Adcook came 8th which was his first ever top ten finish and was just 8 seconds off 5th place in 23.48.

Garrett was just two minutes slower than his personal best and Adcook was one minute 48 short.

Adcook said: “My numbers were higher than last year though, which demonstrates the crazy conditions we rode in.

Snow was falling in Worcester as the pair set off on Sunday (March 18) with temperatures of zero degrees.

Adcook revealed the weather was so bad that they secretly hoped the event would be called off.

“As we neared Monmouth the race organiser confirmed the event would run,” he explained. “This was because even though conditions were not ideal they were not deemed unsafe to ride.

“Our reaction was mooted as I think we both hoping it would be abandoned. My numbers were higher than last year which demonstrates the crazy conditions we rode in.”

Adcook admitted he rode with three base layers and a winter jacket and two pairs of winter gloves whilst Garrett rode in typical ‘hard man’ Flandrian style in his new shiny WSJ skinsuit.

“Thick air, strong winds, snow, sleet and clothing choices made it a very difficult first ride of the season,” explained Adcook. “Crosswinds and poor visibility – particularly on the first leg – meant there was no way of attaining a good position on the bike. It was a battle simply to hold your line and fight against being blown into the middle of the road.”

Worcester St John’s first TT of the season takes place on Sunday, April 8 from Inkberrow at 11am. Registration closing date is March 28.